Have a well deserved massage in Maribyrnong!


Neck, Shoulder & Scalp 30 Minutes $50.00

Instant relief for the days you don’t have time for a full body Massage.

Customised Massage Therapy

Have it your way, soothe your muscles, relieve tension and fatigue. Our customised massage treatment incorporates a variety of massage and balancing techniques to provide you with a massage experience that will restore balance and vitality into your life.

45 Minutes $70.00

60 Minutes $85.00

90 Minutes $135.00

Aromatherapy Massage

A therapeutic treatment using traditional aromatherapy massage techniques combined with a blend of pure essential oils to work on the mind and body. Helps to relieve muscle tension and improves circulation.

60 Minutes $95.00

90 Minutes $145.00

Pregnancy Massage 60 Minutes $100.00

Will help relieve the stress and tension on your body, during your pregnancy.

Stress Relieving Foot Massage 30 Minutes $50.00

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