A dream and a goal is how it starts 🙂

Hi and welcome to our webite, I’m Melissa and Mysvie Hair & Beauty is my baby!

I will never forget my first interview at the salon where I did my apprenticeship. I was only 17 and sat down so confident that I could really be happy doing hairdressing. When they asked what my goal for my career was I replied “I want my own Salon”.

Looking back now I can only imagine how much she laughed that night at my response. I mean really I had just finished year 12 and up until that point only worked part time after school. There I sat telling my future boss that I thought I could do what she did with only a 6 week pre apprentice qualification.


Well, after completing my apprenticeship and nearly four years at her salon (with much more understanding and knowledge to how hard she worked), I decided it was time to move on and get closer to that dream.

I started my mobile business loving the one on one time I was able to have with my clients. As time went on and I became more exhausted I knew something needed to change. But how could I offer my clients that I love the same service they have now been receiving for almost six years? It was several years ago now I was running my mobile business, travelling near and far making people feel amazing. Sharing special events and ups and downs, I found a location that I thought would be our perfect fit; “Edgewater”

Off I went and began designing and negotiating my new salon, my only vision to create a premises that could house the work I enjoyed and the people who had almost become family.

Mysvie Hair & Beauty has now been operating for 8 years, I am so grateful to have found an industry that I love and amazing people to spend my days with.

Goals and dreams can never be taken from you, so set them and work hard, you can only achieve what you put your mind too 🙂


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